Photos, FINALLY!

Even though we’ve technically been engaged since April of 2020, the doomsday pandemic of that year put a damper on any kind of gathering for taking photos. That, plus the e-learning fiasco took a lot of energy out of us parents that year.

So, we figured we’d wait. No rush, of course. We always knew we’d want to get photos taken somewhere out in nature, either in a forest, near a lake, etc. We’re most content when outside exploring, taking hikes, biking trains, getting lost, and doing a bit of Geocaching.

In doing some research, we came across a husband/wife team called The Grays, who specialize in adventure and destination photos, elopements, etc, with a candid feel; no cheesy, cookie-cutter, staged shots. They photograph their clients in their natural state, doing what they enjoy with that special person. Basically, their natural stage for taking photos was outside, in the trees, by the creeks, in the snow, on the cliffs – any place we love to frequent. They were a natural fit.

We reached out the The Grays and we booked our shoot for a couple spots inside Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. We even decided to make a full weekend of it, staying at the Horse Camp, then doing the photo shoot on our way back home.

A couple are below, but be sure to check out the full gallery.

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